The Management

Chairman’s Message

zora Singh

Engineering is a great profession. There is a tremendous satisfaction watching a figment of imagination emerging through aid of sciences before conceptualization of a project. Engineering is also the key of figure in the material progress of the world. It is engineering that makes the reality of the potential value of science by translating scientific knowledge into tools, resources energy and labour to bring them to service of mankind.

Desh Bhagat Engineering College, Moga is an apex centre of assimilating. creating and spreading quality knowledge in diverse fields of Engineering. We continue to set aspirations not only to be leaders as education providers but through our expertise we will make you to achieve superior results ir consistence with our objectives and values. Our experienced faculty will make it possible to foster a sense of individuality in our students. Desh Bhagat Engineering College will encourage you to contribute towards the community for the benefit of human race. Our growing reputation is built on our recognized academic quality which we will always thrive for achievement.

Dr. Zora Singh

President’s Message

Ashok Gupta

In the year 2009, we established this institution to pave the path for revolution in technical education that others may find worth emulating. After two years of existence, we are proud to claim that we are successfully spear-heading towards what was envisioned.

We at DBFGI, believe that the direction in which a man starts his education determines his future. Therefore, we offer them all necessary trainings, practical exposures and quality education. Our faculty and staff cater to the overall development of our students to equip them to take on challenges at their future workplaces.

To be a part of DBFGI is indeed an excellent opportunity for students to acquire technical education and play a prominent role in the development of our Nation.

Sh. Ashok Gupta

General Secretary’s Message

Gurdev Singh

In today’s globally competitive environment, engineers and managers are required to keep pace continuously with technological development to be successful in their careers. This becomes possible only when their strong base of basics and fundamental knowledge.

We at DBFGI, through persistent efforts and focused approach, are preparing our students for such attainments. We also strongly emphasize building a strong character in the process, so that they can meet their future successes and hurdles with confidence and competence.

We tirelessly look forward in making DBFGI a preferred educational choice for aspiring students not only in the state of Punjab but also across country.

S. Gurdev Singh

Director’s Message

Anuj GuptaDBFGI is expected to bloom into an Institution par excellence & working efficiently to achieve proficiency in technical education. A decent education is a passport to a good, comfortable & secured life. It should enable youngsters to become contributing members of society through knowledge, skills & character development. We focus on students’ ability to identify & tackle technical issues rather than simply learning facts & techniques.

I am confident that DBFGI is a preferred destination for life changing & progressive learning. We believe in excellence & exquisiteness. Competent faculty, innovative pedagogy backed by extensive practical exposures, regular seminars, workshops, personality development program, communication skills & interaction with industries are the key factors of our success. Hope you stay along and enjoy the way to success. All the Best

Mr. Anuj Gupta

Principal’s Message

Desh Bhagat foundations Group of Institutions, Moga was established in 2009 with the aim of fulfilling high potential demand of industrial and service sectors in India and abroad. The objective of DBFGI is to inculcate among students the much required professional skills and knowledge, using latest teaching methods and techniques, which in turn, may be used for the betterment of the society at large.

Thus it is our consistent endeavor to produce professionals and managers who not only attain perfection in their respective fields but are socially awakened, morally upright and spiritually strong.

With high hope, I wish the students a bright future filled with joy and success. All great men of the world who have achieved pinnacles of success were not freaks of nature. Success did not fall in their lap from heaven. They sweated for it. Simple virtues of tenacity, willingness, readiness, alertness, courtesy and hard work will carry you further than mere passing the test. As we all know” in the arena of human life the honors and rewards fall to those who show their good qualities in action.” It means we can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough. Hope you stay along and enjoy the way to success.

Dr. Sawarnjit Singh