Chairman’s Message

zora SinghEngineering is a great profession. There is a tremendous satisfaction watching a figment of imagination emerging through aid of sciences before conceptualization of a project. Engineering is also the key of figure in the material progress of the world. It is engineering that makes the reality of the potential value of science by translating scientific knowledge into tools, resources energy and labour to bring them to service of mankind.

Desh Bhagat Engineering College, Moga is an apex centre of assimilating. creating and spreading quality knowledge in diverse fields of Engineering. We continue to set aspirations not only to be leaders as education providers but through our expertise we will make you to achieve superior results ir consistence with our objectives and values. Our experienced faculty will make it possible to foster a sense of individuality in our students. Desh Bhagat Engineering College will encourage you to contribute towards the community for the benefit of human race. Our growing reputation is built on our recognized academic quality which we will always thrive for achievement.

Dr. Zora Singh